• Staff and committee members are required to sign a confidentiality pledge and are requited to adher to a strict confidentiality policy. All matters concerning your child are considered confidential, as are the records we keep. You are of course welcome to see your child’s personal file at any time.

  • All accidents, however minor will be recorded in the accident book and you will be asked to sign it when you collect your child. The group has a fully stocked First Aid box and accidents requiring items from it will be dealt with by a member of staff trained in first aid.

    In cases of serious accidents or when your child needs you, you will be contacted using the numbers on the Registration form, or if the supervisor feels it appropriate the emergency services will be called.

  • We operate a strict NO SMACKING policy. This includes disciplining your own child on the premises and applies to any other adult at the setting. We pride ourselves on educating children to share and respect each other when in our care and as you to encourage and support this discipline strategy.

  • At Teddies we take very seriously the safety and protection of the children in our care. As parents ourselves we would ensure that all children are not exposed to any situations that could cause their wellbeing and safety to be put in jeopardy.

    It is therefore important in the light of many of you using social networking sites, such as Facebook that you never put another child’s photo on there without the permission of their parent/guardian.

    Some children live in protected circumstances and their whereabouts should never be disclosed, this could put the child at risk.

    It is important to use that we create positive professional relationships with our parent’s and carer’s and therefore ask you not to request any staff member as “facebook friends” as this contravenes our policies and procedures.

    Teddies has two Facebook pages. One private page which is open only to parents / carers currently attending the setting, and a public page. Posts shared on the public page will not identify any children – photos will either be taken from behind or only show hands / feet. If you do not wish for your child to be in any of these, you can withdraw your permission. 

  • Yes. A fire drill is practiced at all sessions at least once a term and is done in a fun way so as not to frighten the children.

    In the event of an emergency where we have to evacuate the building and cannot return, the children will be found at the far side of the car park.

  • If your child is unable to attend it would be helpful if you could let us know by either telephoning the supervisor or sending a message with another parent/carer.

  • If your child has an infectious illness such as chicken pox or sickness and diarrhea please do not bring them to Teddies, they must not return to the setting until 48 hours after their symptoms disappear. Please either telephone or text on 07880870757